www.theartistshowcase.org-Gene Pritsker's::Concerts:: February & March 2007 in Connecticut & New York City:::Go see Gene! Gene Pritsker announcements & Noizepunk & Das Krooner show # 29 HI all, a few things going #1 - Noizepunk & Das Krooner show # 29 is up with guest composer/violinist Gregor Huebner. We have a fun lively chat with Gregor and listen to some very hip music he brought to our studio. check it out here: http://www.kalvos.com/nkshows.html #2- a new youtube video of my improv. piece called Sound Liberation Improvisation #6 with Dan Cooper on 7 string electric bass and me on electric guitar live at St, Marks Church. check that out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0whGlKcID0 #3 - and last but not least my big Sicily tour. My band Sound Liberation, B3+ brass trio, and special guests: vocalists Chanda Rule & Melanie Mitrano and VJ Astrid Steiner are performing my Chamber hip-hop opera 'MONEY" and Sound Liberation is playing a concert with music from our upcoming release on Col Legno Records. here is the info if your in Catania, Italy come check us out. Sound Liberation in Catania, Italy May 22nd, 21:15 Etna Festival Performing Gene Pritker's opera: 'Money" with B3+ and special guests http://etnafest.it/ and May 25th Hotel Poggio del Sole Resort Performing music from their upcoming album on Col Legno Records 'Open Up Your Ears and Get Some' http://poggiodelsoleresort.it/ P.s. I am also playing a concert in Vienna on May 19th with the B3+ Brass trio (I am the + on electric guitar here) if you are in Vienna and want to check this one out please email me for i do not have all the info yet

Noizepunk & Das Krooner Show #16

& Gene's upcoming performances

Hi folks

The first show in 2007 of
Noizepunk & Das Krooner
is up and slamminí.
Show #16 features composer/pianist
Luis Andrei Cobo.
We have a very civil discussion
on a sleepy Saturday afternoon

with some cool music by Luis,
mostly about death and such.

go here
and check it out:


And Donít forget to check
out our second home at - http://www.podarama.com/.
So far we have our first 2 shows up but soon we will have them all there as well.

Also here are some concerts
of mine coming up in Feb. and early

- On Feb. 20th the annual
Composers Concordance concert
Gene produces will take place
at the Cutting Room.
The concert will feature
The Carpentier String Quartet for
whom 10 composers will write 5 minuet pieces.
Geneís Credit System
of Truth will be performed at this event

- On Feb 21st the Lumina String Quartet Lumina String Quartet with clarinetist
clarinetist Phillip Bashor

Phillip Basher

will premiere Consci ous Fluids
for electric guitar, clarinet
and string quartet,
with Gene
electric guitar at the
Ferguson Library in Stamford,


- On Feb. 25th

and BorisLove (Borislav Strulev - cello,
G. Pritsker - Di.J./guitar)

perform at
St. Marks Church at the Bowery presented by
The International Street Cannibals.

- On March 3rd

The International Street Cannibals


the 3rd concert in its

Strike series
at Gleasons gym.

Restlessness for clarinet

and samplestra
will be performed by

Mychio Suzuki and a

premiere of Quaalude, Fugue & Solos for

electric guitar, bass, and drums

with Gene on guitar,
Dan cooper

on bass and Pablo Rieppi on drums.

Peace - Gene

Gene Pritsker

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