Darrin Andrew La Morte visits the TODAY show live outside Rockefeller Plaza in New York City with NBC Natalie Morales.

FILE - This photo taken July 29, 2008 NYC by Darrin Andrew La Morte
The Artist Showcase  – FILE - This copyrighted photo By Darrin Andrew La Morte: Darrin Andrew La Morte and Natalie Morales Tuesday, July, 29th,2008 THE TODAY SHOW New York City
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    NEW YORK CITY – "TODAY SHOW," I was in New York City to film: w a i t i n g.

    I spent the early morning hours standing outside the TODAY show watching Natalie Morales Ann Curry, Al Roker. I watched a few segments with Matt Lauer. — Standing outside along with Chuck Cavalli and his finace. I happen to meet Ann Curry standing outside, in the July hot heat, the weather was very mild. She had some very kind words. Thank you. Ann Curry is so much more beautiful in person, not that she is not beautiful on TV she is. She had on this Red summer dress, and she looked so beautiful in it.

    Standing outside a few feet away from the railings. Ann Curry was walking around and greeting people and saying hello to them. I could hear her words but I was too far away from her that she couldn't hear me, but she noticed me. Well, I was too far away from her to shake her hand. I was a feet back from them. She could see me and I smiled back at her. Ann Curry Today NBC  New York Ann Curry she had this big smile on her face and she looked at me and said very loud so I could hear her. ANN CURRY Ann Curry said," Wow! What a nice head of hair! People would die for a head of hair like that., I could not have felt happier to hear those words, spoken from Ann Curry. I sort of felt special for a moment.

    "I happen to love the idea or love to wear or showcase," Long hair. In the winter time it makes me feel not so cold.

    And in the summer time it sometimes is hard to deal with, but there is always a nice pool or water to go swimming in so having long hair feels good anytime.

    I often watch NBC news in the morning.

    I guess I am a big fan of stuff that is filmed live.

    At the same time, people mostly watch stuff that is taped or filmed over a two year period or longer. I really enjoy my first visit to watch the TODAY show outside.

    Watching the Today show outside was my most memorable time spent in the City, hearing the exhilarating voice of Ann Curry in person.

    "Ann Curry" then was wearing a Red Summer dress.

    She looked so beautiful and watching a few segments about car maintenance...

    In 2008, during the summer,I was still shooting a documentary film. w a i t i n g. artist American painter Filmmaker Darrin Andrew La Morte with Natalie Morales Today NBC  New York It's something I always wanted to do. I desired to create something that comes from the street. What best to do that with than the STREET MUSICIANS.

    I enjoy seeing all that New York City has to offer, but

    Today it seems much more beautiful! than it did twenty years ago. New York is a great place. I very much enjoyed my visit to the TODAY show.

    The news anchors, Matt Lauer Today NBC  New York Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales, and Al Roker Al Roker July 26 08 Today   New York

    {Image of: Al Roker: by Dr.DeNo.}.

    made you feel so much at home. I am sure I will go back again when have the time and watch again from outside.

    Darrin Andrew La Morte and Natalie Morales. This photograph is copyrighted photo. May be only used with written permission.
    Darrin Andrew La Morte and Natalie Morales Today NBC  New York .

    Darrin Andrew La Morte hopes to return again to watch the TODAY show live sometime this August. ___

    EDITOR'S NOTE: If you get a chance to go see TODAY show in person you will love it. I must admit, I had a huge smile on my face when Ann Curry said, You have nice head of hair. People would die to have that". She is so beautiful and so nice to listen to. And of course it was very lovely getting my picture taken with, Natalie Morales, NBC, National Correspondent, I will be back again. Thanks!

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